Daytime Running Lights Unit

Worldwide research studies prove that driving with low-beam headlights on during daylight hours reduces multi-vehicle crashes by up to 30%. But unitl now, forgetting to turn headlights off when the engine is stopped often means costly dead batteries. Now make your car, RV, truck or van more visible with the most innovative, least expensive automatic lights-on product on the market today! For easier istallation on GM side-mount batteries, order GM-approved Battery Bolt Part #50S

The Heavy-Duty, Weather-Tight
Daytime Running Lights Unit
With Power Reduction

Just as reports of critical crash-reduction statistics through the use of Daytime Running lights (DRLs) are mounting, LITE-MINDER now offers an exciting new heavy-duty DRL Part #480HD. Designed especially to meet the rugged needs of fleet vehicles, LITE-MINDER's new kit incorporates all of the special features of its best-selling DRL 480 unit-already in use by thousands of government and corporate fleets and private vehicles. If you are considering a "Lights On For Safety" program, look to LITE-MINDER for the best selling, easiest-to-install, least expensive DRL products on the market today.

The new DRL 480HD unit includes these special features:

Standard Features In All LITE-MINDER DRLs:

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